Thursday, July 19, 2012

What What in the butt?

I thought I'd jump in and just say what I want to say instead of worrying about offending you. With the last couple of posts I was trying to try to gauge y'alls reactions but that didn't really work out well for me.

So like anyone I've gone through finding myself sexually and things I like and dislike. Some things that I felt or believed were "bad" or not something one should do are now some of my favorite things. Anal for instance. I didn't have a whole lot of being talked to about sex and what I knew was mostly from friends or what I learned from stealing my dad's porn or wherever else stupid kids find shit out. 

I'm a very sexual person and I started VERY young. SO young that most people would be shocked and probably appalled though that is a story for another time, perhaps. 

I also started "dating" pretty young though it was what we called "going out with". When I was 14 I was with a guy who was 3 years older than me. He is who really started me on my sexual journey. My first real partner that I was with more than once. We actually ended being together until right before I turned 17 though like most teen relationships things were very off and on again. But I digress, this isn't really that story either. 

Instead I'm gonna tell you about the second taboo thing I did in my young life (I'm not sure I'm ready to tell the first yet, lol). I had anal sex. Now let me tell you, I'm absolutely disgusted by bodily functions and refuse to talk about any of it generally. So as you can imagine, I was pretty disgusted when he told me he wanted to put it in my butt. I was like um WHAT? But after trying some anal play and him assuring me he would go slow and I would be ok and would actually love it, I gave in. 

I still thought it was disgusting and that he was weird and/or a freak, I mean people don't do that kinda thing right? Wrong! People do, do that kind of thing. And you know what? With a good partner and the right preparations it can be absolutely amazing! The point of this story is that just because you think something is Taboo or not done; that you'd have to be weird or wrong to do it or enjoy it, chances are it's not bad at all. 

So how did it go you may wonder? It was embarrassing and painful at first but after a while I ended up loving it and it became something we did a lot for the rest of our relationship.

**I am not advocating sex with minors in any way at all, only telling you what has happened in my life**

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