Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Taboo 2

According to Wikipedia A taboo is a vehement prohibition of an action based on the belief that such behavior is either too sacred or too accursed for ordinary individuals to undertake, under threat of supernatural punishment. 

That's not really what I think about when I think Taboo. I think of it more as taboo is something that is not readily accepted of by society in general, something that isn't talked about. So, going by the way I think, lots of things are taboo (depending on what type of friends you have and what types of people you are generally around). 

A lot of my friends are very open and will talk about anything sexual and are happy to tell you all about their sex lives and their likes/dislikes while some of my friends don't want to talk about anything remotely sexual and think PDA is akin to walking around with your butt crack and muffin top hanging out.

I'd say some of the biggest taboos sexually are incest, BDSM, Watersports (Golden Showers), Scat play (think 2 Girls One Cup), Bestiality, and age play. Some people also consider homosexuality a taboo though I'm not going to get into that! 

Here's my question: What if we could all just tolerate or be open to everything sexually as long as there are no moral issues you have with whatever the act is, provided it is between two consenting human adults? Don't get me wrong here I AM in no way shape or form saying please go fuck your dog, cat or whatever other animal you may have in mind and I would NEVER EVER say to have sex with a kid. I'm just saying that there are lots of things that you may find enjoyable that society frowns upon or poo-poos. 

So what do you say? Are any of your kinks a taboo? 

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